Dapper Plus Async Action

Using Dapper Plus async method is an awesome way to improve your code's performance. By using asynchronous programming, you can avoid the blocking that can occur with traditional synchronous programming.

In addition, the dapper plus async method can help you improve the responsiveness of your UI by allowing your UI thread to continue processing while your database query is executing. As a result, your users will experience a much smoother and responsive UI. So if you're looking for a way to boost your code's performance.

Unfortunately, we don't provide a BulkInsertAsync method directly due to our chaining methods such as AlsoBulkInsert and ThenBulkInsert. Instead, you need to use the BulkActionAsync method that will execute your code asynchronously.

In this example, we call the BulkInsert method inside the BulkActionAsync:

var task = connection.BulkActionAsync(x => x.BulkInsert(invoices));


To perfect any action asynchronous, you need to use the BulkActionAsync method.

In this example, we will insert asynchronous invoices and then all invoice items using a cancellation token.

var task = connection.BulkActionAsync(x => x.BulkInsert(invoices).ThenBulkInsert(y => y.InvoiceItems), cancellationToken);

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Last updated: 2023-03-02