Extend Dapper with IDbConnection Extensions Bulk Insert, Update, Delete, and Merge

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// CONFIGURE & MAP entity
                 .Identity(x => x.ID);

// CHAIN & SAVE entity
          .AlsoInsert(order => order.Items);
          .Include(x => x.ThenMerge(order => order.Invoice)
                         .AsloMerge(invoice => invoice.Items))
          .AlsoMerge(x => x.ShippingAddress);   

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Dapper Plus Mapper allow to map the conceptual model (Entity) with the storage model (Database) and configure options to perform Bulk Actions.

                                 .Identity(x => x.ID)

Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions allow to perform a bulk insert, update, delete or merge and include related child items.

connection.BulkInsert(orders, order => order.Items)
          .BulkInsert(invoices, invoice => invoice.Items)

Also Bulk Actions

Also Bulk Actions allow to perform bulk action with a lambda expression using entities from the last Bulk[Action] or ThenBulk[Action] used.

          .AlsoInsert(order => order.Items)
          .AlsoInsert(order => order.Invoice)
          .AlsoInsert(order => order.Invoice.Items);

Then Bulk Actions

Then Bulk Actions is similar to Also Bulk Actions but modify entities used for the next bulk action using a lambda expression.

          .AlsoInsert(order => order.Items)
          .ThenInsert(order => order.Invoice)
          .ThenInsert(invoice => invoice.Items);

Include Actions

The Dapper Plus Include method allow resolving issues with multiple "ThenBulk[Action]" method.

          .Include(x => x.ThenInsert(order => order.Items)
                         .ThenInsert(orderItem => orderItem.Metas))
          .Include(x => x.ThenInsert(order => order.Invoice)
                         .ThenInsert(Invoice => invoice.Items)); 

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